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  Leading Safety Standards in Malaysia Steel Industry  

             Heon Chee Shyong, President of BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia receiving the  
             MSOSH OSH Award Gold (Class II) Award on behalf of the company.

Shah Alam, 06 August 2010 – In a leap forward, BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the leading provider of steel building products and solutions in Malaysia and the SEA region, has successfully acquired top honors in safety management, namely the ISO 18001 (OHSAS) accreditation as well as winning the MSOSH OSH Award 2009 Gold (Class II) Award.


The Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) ISO specifications have been developed to facilitate the integration of quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems by organizations.


The OSH Award organized by Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety And Health (MSOSH) is a long-running safety and health performance awards intended to give due recognition to all member organizations/companies which have achieved commendable safety and health records and/or have shown improvement in occupational safety and health processes through sound safety and health management systems.


 “Getting the ISO 18001 (OHSAS) accreditation is a significant accomplishment by itself. Winning the Gold in MSOSH OSH Award recently is definitely icing on the cake for our entire staff.” said Heon Chee Shyong, President of BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia. “Safety is an integral part of our company; in fact, it is our global policy for our every employee to audit each other’s safety practices on a monthly basis.”

BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia follows a strict Australian code for safety in accordance to its international guidelines, and this safety mindset has taken shape within BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia’s daily business operation. For example, contractor management and engagement is an essential area where the company ensures its contractors are up to its safety standards. Giving them the acknowledgement and assistance in implementing OSH at site is one of the means of BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia ensuring continued improvement on OSH practices at work site.


BlueScope Lysaght also engages its employees and contractors on OSH Monthly Audits, which the company has achieved 100 % involvement for the past 3 years and moving forward to quality audit and more specific audits. As an overriding commitment to safety, every employee and contractor would need to comply with the company’s safety standards to qualify for employment.


With the current cases of fatality in the construction industry which involves people falling from height, BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia ensures the standards of working at height is given the highest level of priority and concerns. The move is to create the awareness, especially of people working at project sites, and that the responsibility of person in-charge on the site is emphasized at all time. Inspiring the goal of ZERO Harm is the key to success for all contractors working at site under the roof of BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia. With that note, the company has achieved 9 years LTI (Lost Time Injury) Free with 29 month MTI (Medical Treated Injury) Free and a great record of 12 month WI (Work Injury) Free.


The Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health was registered in 1971.  The Society has been organizing the OSH Award 28 years in the running; this year also witnessed a record in entries of one hundred and fifty eight submissions. Additional information about the Awards organization and the winning firms can be found at                          


BlueScope Lysaght is a leading supplier of steel building products with an extensive product and service range including roofing and walling, steel roof truss, structural decking solutions, and Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) solutions. It exclusively uses premium steel products such as Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

For further information, contact BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia at 03–5519 2000.


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