On the 13th of June, BlueScope Steel Malaysia held its first seminar together with Malaysia Institute of Interiors Designers Malaysia (IPDM) on ELEMENTS™ steel; a prepainted steel with unique wood grained pattern nuances.

ARCHIDEX 2008, a customary event not to be missed with a great variety of exciting activities and showcases of building materials exclusively catered for architects and interior designers.

1. What difference does the     thickness of the Clean     COLORBOND® steel make?

The thickness of sheeting is normally measured as its BMT (base metal thickness). For steel of the same grade and profile, a higher BMT generally means the sheet can span further between supports.

Care should be taken when referencing thickness because some manufacturers will quote Total Coated Thickness (TCT). This is the thickness of the total sheet and will be higher than BMT (which measures only the thickness of the steel beneath any coatings). eg. 0.42mm BMT may be equivalent to 0.47mm TCT, depend on how much coating is applied.

Increased thickness will not increase the life of a product, and direct comparisons of BMT between profiles or steel grades cannot be made. The profile manufacturer should be able to provide you with spanning information for the profile and BMT you are using.

Soft (or lower strength) steels will generally be thicker than hard, high strength (or high-tensile) steels, and are commonly used in applications where tight curving is required.


2. Why can't I find any profiles,     dimensions, spans on your site?

While BlueScope Steel produces
Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, it is our rollforming customers who turn it into the various steel products you are familiar with, such as roof cladding, guttering and fencing panels. There are many rollformers out there, each supplying different products with varied product specifications. You can use our supplier locator to find a rollformer in your area who will be able to help you with the types of profiles they have available and other product information as well.


Seat Belt

• Shall be worn at all time and air  bags   shall not be use as a  substitute.

• It may cause injury but without  using a   seat belt, the consequence may be   even worst.

• Never hold a child in your lap as   he/she has a much greater risk of   being injured.

• The best restraint will not help if it  is
   not properly used.



Clean COLORBOND® steel SPECTRUM SERIES is prepainted ZINCALUME® steel as the substrate. The metallic coating on ZINCALUME® steel comprises of 43.5% zinc, 55.0% aluminium and 1.5% silicon, which can provide a superior resistance against corrosion. It is available in two grades: G300 and G550 (minimum yield strength of 300 MPa or 550 MPa).

Durable Paint System
For better paint durability, BlueScope Steel applies an oven cured polyester paint, whereby the system is made of inorganic pigments. To further enhance the surface performance, we provide a corrosive inhibitive primer & backing coat.

Clean Technology
In order to prevent dirt staining, the Clean technology which resists the bonding of dirt is applied on top of the coating. The “loose” surface dirt can be easily washed off during normal rainfall, restoring the original colour of the prepainted steel surface.

Clean COLORBOND® steel - SPECTRUM SERIES is backed by warranties of:
- 25 years against corrosion*
- 10 years against paint fading, peeling and chalking*
- 5 years against dirt resistance

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General Application

The performance of steel roofing is affected by many factors, some are controllable while some are not. The main factor that is not controllable is the environment. The effect of this, however, can be minimized by choosing a material appropriate to the conditions under which the steel sheet must perform.

Environment Factors
1. Atmospheric exposure conditions.
2. Unusual harsh service conditions due to the nature of the activity in a building, such as intensive animal farming.

  Atmospheric Exposure

In general, atmospheric exposure conditions can be categorized under four main groups; very severe, severe, moderate and benign, as shown in Table 1. This table provides an indication of product performance where the corrosive factor is a marine influence (eg. breaking surf).

However, the table is intended to serve as A GUIDE ONLY. Climatic conditions, concentration and nature of industrial activities, prevailing winds, shelter, elevation above the marine influence and unwashed areas are just a few examples of factors that may impact the corrosive nature of a particular site. The essential thing to do is consult your roofing supplier or BlueScope Steel for the best advice on the choice of Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel product.

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Project : Kelab Golf Sarawak


Project : MAS Hangar, KLIA
Material : Clean COLORBOND® steel


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