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Residential Buildings

BlueScope Lysaght offers a range of products and solutions for your next residential project. Whether you are renovating or re-roofing your home, or embarking on a major low-rise or high-rise residential development, BlueScope Lysaght has solutions to meet your needs.

For roofing, BlueScope Lysaght can provide a range of roofing products based on BlueScope Steel's Clean COLORBOND® steel roofing products. This range includes steel roof tiles to provide an attractive finish to your home. A properly designed BlueScope Lysaght roof system can significantly reduce the air-conditioning costs in your home.

BlueScope Lysaght offers the superior SMARTRUSSTM steel roof truss system, based on BlueScope Steel's ZINCALUME® coated steel, and a full range of rain-water accessories such as guttering and downpipes.

Wall framing manufactured from ZINCALUME® coated steel provides the ideal solution to structural and pest resistance problems. BlueScope Lysaght can design your home of up to three floors based on light-weight steel framing.

BlueScope Lysaght can supply LYSAGHT PEB LITETM portal frame houses manufactured from quality ZINC HI-TEN® and Clean COLORBOND® steel. These frames replace the concrete columns and beams and greatly speed up the speed of construction, and reduce the overall weight of the structure. The frames and roofing for a row of 10 houses can be installed in 4 days by a team of skilled workers. See our range of LYSAGHT PEB LITETM  projects for more information.

A range of Structural Decking products is also available for the flooring of your high-rise apartment project which, when combined with ZINCALUME® steel wall framing products, can significantly reduce construction costs and time.

You can furnish your housing project with attractive and durable steel Fencing based on BlueScope Steel's Clean COLORBOND® steel.

For more information about steel solutions for your next Residential project, contact your nearest BlueScope Lysaght office.

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