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Structural Decking for Concrete Slab Construction   LYSAGHT BONDEK<sup>®</sup> II


LYSAGHT BONDEK® II structural decking is a profiled zinc coated steel sheeting for use in the construction of composite floor slabs. LYSAGHT BONDEK® II profiled sheet has been tested to perform as formwork and longitudinal reinforcement in one-way composite slabs. Design rules in accordance with British Standard BS 5950: Part 4: 1994 have been prepared for both situations. Fire test results have also supported the development of rules for designing unprotected LYSAGHT BONDEK® II composite slabs for fire resistance in accordance with BS 5950: Part 8: 1990.


LYSAGHT BONDEK® II profiled sheeting is a transformation from LYSAGHT BONDEK® profiled sheeting that was developed in the 1960s without significantly changing its familiar profile shape.

Computer Software

Computer software has been written to produce the solution in the temporary propping tables in the Formwork Design Manual and in the reinforcement selection tables in the Composite Slab Design manual.


Inspection of the installed sheeting by the relevant site supervisor is recommended at regular intervals of installation to ensure that the sheeting has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction and with accepted building practice.


The cover width of LYSAGHT BONDEK® II profiled steel is 600mm with the rib height is 54mm.  In the assembled state, the profile comprises two intermediate dovetail ribs for every interlocking side-lap joint. The assembled ribs are all boldly embossed along their exposed top faces and the nominal height of the embossments is 2 mm.


The sheets are readily available custom-cut in any length from 600 mm up to 12000 mm (Length Tolerance +0, -10 mm). Lengths greater than 12000 mm require suitable transportation and on-site handling facilities, and the hours of transportation may be restricted by law.

For speed of installation, LYSAGHT BONDEK® II sheeting should generally be used in lengths covering multiple spans (handling weight permitting).

Storing on Site

LYSAGHT BONDEK® II profiled steel sheeting is delivered in strapped bundles. If not required for immediate use, sheets or bundles should be neatly stacked clear of the ground. When stacked, they should be on a slight slope to allow drainage of water should wetting occur prior to use.

The sheets or bundles should not be left exposed in the open for extended periods. If unavoidable, then they should be protected from rain and moisture with waterproof covers


Cutting of LYSAGHT BONDEK® II sheets is sometimes necessary to trim sheet sides or to cut sheet ends around projections such as columns and stairways.

LYSAGHT BONDEK® II may be readily cut using a power saw fitted with an abrasive disc or metal cutting blade.

For cutting, it is suggested that the sheeting be initially laid “ribs down” and cut through the pans and part through the ribs. The sheeting could then be turned over and the cutting of the ribs completed.




Open BONDEK Sheet bundles


Trim BONDEK sheets and place on
steel beams or brickwork

Fix BONDEK sheets to steel beams
or brickwork
Fix steel edgeform Cut penetration
Place reinforcement Place concrete Allow slab to cure and remove props
(if required)


LYSAGHT BONDEK® II profiled steel sheeting is roll-formed from hot-dipped, zinc-coated, chromate-passivated, high-strength grade ZINC HI- TEN® steel strip in bare metal thicknesses of either 0.75 or 1.00 mm. The steel strip has a specified tensile strength Remin. of 550 MPa which conforms to both BS EN 10147 and,AS 1397. The minimum coating class is Z200 for mild exposure conditions (e.g. internal floors in a non-aggressive environment), while heavier coating classes or painting must be specified in moderate or severe exposure conditions (see Rule 28 of Part I). However, Z275 coating class is being supplied in local environment.

Please contact BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia office (Sales & Marketing Department) for more details.

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